Does the following sound familiar?

You’re suffering from constant low energy levels, running on caffeine or sugar, and feeling "over it."

Somehow you’ve ended up a few kilos over your ideal weight.

Making healthy meals from scratch is something other women do when they have too much time on their hands. Or staff. They probably have staff.

Because who has time to do that in real life?

On top of all this, you're constantly busy with a to-do list a mile long (which you’ve managed like a champion – up until now).

You've put your own needs to the back of your mind, with the intention of just "powering on through." You're tough. You're surviving.

Some days, you're a freakin' superhero at juggling everything.

But are you experiencing any of these warning signs?

Weight Gain

Foggy Brain




PMS or Period Pain

Recurrent Colds and Flues

Digestive Troubles

Menopausal Symptoms


Sugar Cravings

It's time to make a change... before things get worse

 If you’ve made it this far down the page, it’s probably because deep down, you know that you’re at a crossroads with your health.

A change needs to be made, before:

Energy levels take a nose dive

Thyroid function starts to drop

Your hormones become out of whack

Forgetfulness and mood swings kick in

Weight gain spirals out of control

Your sex drive becomes non-existant

Chronic illness sets in

You fall in a heap

But with so much information out there, it can be hard to know where to start.

It's overwhelming.

I get it - I used to feel the same way too.

What if I told you there's a simple, natural way to heal yourself?

Hi, I'm Jules Galloway

I'm a passionate and qualified naturopath.

With over 10 years experience, it's my mission to help tired, stressed out women to find their shine again.

I also reaaaaaaally love food. I've worked in kitchens at detox retreats, run healthy food events, and taught at workshops all over Australia. And now I'm bringing it to your laptop.

I've suffered from adrenal fatigue, anxiety and depression. I know what it's like to feel exhausted. I also know that it's possible to HEAL and feel better again. Which is why I've devised a holistic program for you to reclaim your wellness.

Finally - Identify the REAL causes of your fatigue!

  • Time to start feeling lighter, brighter and more energised
  • Everything you need to make simple, delicious wholefood meals
  • Learn to de-stress and relax, even if you're time poor
  • ...and so much more in this comprehensive 12 week program

Just for a moment, picture yourself waking up

and actually feeling ready to face the day

(with a smile!).


Having more energy for your partner and kids.

Fitting into your jeans and feeling good about your body.

Enjoying the food you eat - without guilt.

And most importantly, feeling relaxed, happy and in control of your health.

It’s all possible with this 12 week course.

Thank you so much for the last 12 weeks! A few things have really stood out and stayed with me. I need to keep up my yoga every day because it makes me smile and I can almost hear my body singing when I do it! Your meditation video was another one that I found really helpful. Plus so much other good stuff!! Thank you again for everything, I'm so pleased to have been part of it and I feel like this is just the beginning.

- Erica S, Wynnum, QLD

Thank you so much for the wonderful world of healthy eating that you've introduced me to!

After being recommended to your program by my good friend, I had really high hopes because I know if she thinks it's great, it's awesome.

I was a little apprehensive about how complicated or sustainable any changes would be, but you have totally amazed me with your simple approach. The topics we've covered and how much I've learnt in 12 weeks has changed my relationship with food forever - having never been a person who really valued or appreciated food, this is big.

In addition, your personal response to any question that I raised made me feel a supported and valued member of the SHY Sisterhood. My path to a Shinier, Healthier version of Me is emerging and I'm very grateful that you have helped me clear the way ahead.

You're the Best Jules xx

- Fiona N, Ingleburn, NSW

I have really enjoyed the last twelve weeks as a Shiny Sister. I joined to find out real information about my health... And I found that with Jules. Her honest and frank, no pressure approach about changing the way you view food was refreshing, funny, gentle and spoken in an easy to grasp way.

Jules was always available via her Facebook group and willing to answer questions, give support and be there as a friend (with a gorgeous smile). I would recommend this course to anyone.... I feel fabulous!! I am no longer tired and grumpy, migraine free and finally feel I am becoming in control of my body and the way I view it.

Thanks Jules... Cant wait for the next round.

- Marni M, Clifton, QLD

Are you ready to turn your health around?

Get 12 awesome weeks for $149.

Discover the Recipe for Success

Good FOOD,

Less Stress, and More EXERCISE

  • Learn to cook healthy, gluten, dairy and sugar free meals
  • Discover simple techniques to relax and calm that overactive mind
  • Move your body in new ways, incorporating yoga and strength training into your week
  • Reduce your exposure to toxins – in food, skincare products and around the home
  • Be supported every step of the way
  • Be part of a like-minded community of women who all have a common goal – vibrant, abundant energy and health

Make healthy meals with minimal fuss

Quick Breakfasts

Delicious Lunches

Nourishing Dinners

Snacks and Desserts

It's not even that hard!

You won’t be spending hours in the kitchen. You don’t have to eat cardboard. You don’t have to strive for perfection. 

Together we will take small steps to achieve lasting results. And all on your terms.

You won't feel any pressure to be perfect. There's no judgement here. 

And there definitely won't be any "Hey, look at my 6-pack abs" photos being splashed around either.

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed. You can work at your own pace.

Do you need motivation and support to stay on track? Then you’ve come to the right place.


Your friends may ask you why you’re glowing all of a sudden.

They might even ask if you’ve had work done.

When you feel better on the inside, it shows on the outside.

What you receive

12 awesome modules, each with 3 videos per week

All the information you need in an easy-to-digest format. Move through at the suggested rate of one module per week, or "binge-watch" your way through - it's up to you! You will also receive weekly emails with simple reminders and action steps, plus worksheets to keep you on track. There will be plenty of "aha" moments!

8 weeks of meal plans

You asked... I've delivered. "Done for you" meal plans, complete with shopping lists, to make your life easier. Yay!

Cooking classes

Each module contains a cooking tutorial video that will make food prep fun and easy. Yep - EASY!

Interactive Q&As

Once a month we will do a live video Q&A, and you can ask me any burning questions you have. And if you can’t make it live - no worries! A recording will be posted in the group afterwards.

A recipe bank with over 100 paleo and wholefood options

Simple, healthy and fast. That’s the name of the game here. All of the meals are gluten, dairy and cane sugar free. 80% or more of the meals are paleo friendly. 100% of the meals are created for minimum fuss and maximum flavour!

A private Facebook group for members only

Get the support and motivation you need from a vibrant community of like-minded women. Celebrate small wins together. I will be hanging out in there too and can’t wait to meet you!

Extra resources

Receive loads of bonus PDFs and go-to lists to help make your transition to healthy eating as streamlined and as simple as possible.

Hear from women who are experts in their fields

Dr Rachel Wyndham

Integrative GP and Naturopath.

Having experienced burnout herself, Dr Rach will teach you how to listen to your body, heed the warning signs and begin to take control of your health again.

The Merrymaker Sisters

Health and happiness bloggers | Paleo recipe developers

Emma and Carla will take you through their journey to healthy eating, and will show you some easy ways to get started.

Samantha Gowing

Renowned Spa Chef and Nutritionist.

Forget paleo perfection. Learn how to integrate a healthy diet into the real world with Sam's no-nonsense approach.

Lisa Corduff

Creator of Small Steps to Wholefoods

Learning to cook from scratch? Lisa will show you the way with simple tips if you're just starting out.

Robyn Law

Qualified Raw Food Chef

Robyn will show you how to supercharge your nutrient levels with delicious raw foods.

Adele McConnell

Aka Vegie Head

Discover the natural way to beautiful skin and a healthy glow, with this straight-talking superstar.

Sharon Hall

My Chemical Free Romance

Confused about chemicals in your home and skincare products? Sharon will guide you though the maze of ingredients and help you to cut out the nasties.

Hayley Carr

Life Coach

Meet your motivation maven. Hayley will show you how to bust through fear and live a life without limits. She'll also throw in a good dose of meditation.

Bronnie Ware

International best selling author of The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying.

Let Bronnie guide you to happiness with her gentle and empathetic style.

Susanne Grace

Medical Intuitive and Creator of the Grace Method

Learn to cope with stress in a new way with Susanne's down to earth, caring approach.

Mandy Gibbons

Personal Trainer and Fat Loss Coach.

Wherever you're at with your fitness, Mandy will motivate you to gently take it up a notch.

Chara Caruthers

Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist

Begin to move your body with Chara's peaceful, flowing style.

Peta Serras

Pilates Instructor

Stretch, tone and strengthen your body with Peta.

What to expect once you purchase the program

After purchasing, you will receive a confirmation email from me within the hour.

Then tomorrow, your first module will arrive in your inbox!

You'll get:

One module per week for 12 weeks

Access to the private Facebook page

Access to the SHY Membership site

Monthly Q&As

What others are saying about Shiny Healthy You

It's been an awesome program. I finally feel like I can make a change without being totally overwhelmed. Thank you so much Jules x

- Michelle M

Jules’ Shiny Healthy You program was an opportunity for me to focus on my health, improve my diet, and learn ways to manage the stress and overwhelm I had been feeling for way too long. Jules has a knack for making complex information so clear and easy to understand. She brought me back into my body as she explained exactly what is happening in my body to affect the way I’m feeling and what simple steps I can take to improve my health overall. The change in diet was my biggest take-away from the program – it taught me that eating healthy can be easy, delicious, and so easy to prepare – I found myself getting creative with the recipes she provided, and really having fun with it! I even had my two young children interested in what I was eating, and they started changing their diet along with me! Jules was very encouraging and non-judgemental throughout the program, so if I missed a week of the program or fell out of my healthy eating pattern, I felt confident picking myself back up and trying again without feeling bad about it.

- Emma K, Ballina, NSW

I've loved every minute of it. Informative, fun and user friendly. xxx

- Anne S, Carseldine, QLD

Are you ready to discover a shinier, healthier YOU?

Get 12 weeks of education, motivation and support for $149.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of diet is this? 

This is an 80/20 paleo program. Although many of the recipes in this program are paleo, we are not 100% strict. About 20% of the meals include non-paleo (but healthy) ingredients like rice, corn and legumes.

It is however, a 100% wholefood diet, and all recipes are gluten, dairy and cane sugar free.

Think of it as a real food program with loads of exciting, healthy options.

What about coffee and alcohol?

Although you will be encouraged to cut down, you're still allowed to have both of these during the program, as long as your drinks are gluten, dairy and cane sugar free. Some women use these 12 weeks as an opportunity to give up coffee and alcohol altogether, and if you choose to follow suit, you'll find all the support you need.

What if I fall behind, or start late?

No worries. You will continue to have lifetime access to the program for as long as it exists, giving you heaps of time to catch up, or work at your own pace.

I'm vegetarian. Does this program cater for me?

About 50% of the recipes are vegetarian-friendly, and many of the meat-containing recipes can be easily converted, so yes, there are plenty of options.

Do I need to be a technical/computer whizz to do this program? 

No way! As long as you can use email, Facebook, and view videos on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, I'm confident you can get through this with flying colours. And tech help is only ever an email away.

Do I need to activate my almonds? 

Pfft! Not if you don't want to! (Who's got time for THAT?)

Don't put your health on hold any longer

Get 12 awesome weeks for $149.