Unlock the healthy YOU (that you know is still in there!)

Jules’ Shiny Healthy You program was an opportunity for me to focus on my health, improve my diet, and learn ways to manage the stress and overwhelm I had been feeling for way too long.

Jules has a knack for making complex information so clear and easy to understand. She brought me back into my body as she explained exactly what is happening in my body to affect the way I’m feeling and what simple steps I can take to improve my health overall.

The change in diet was my biggest take-away from the program – it taught me that eating healthy can be easy, delicious, and so easy to prepare – I found myself getting creative with the recipes she provided, and really having fun with it! I even had my two young children interested in what I was eating, and they started changing their diet along with me!

Jules was very encouraging and non-judgemental throughout the program, so if I missed a week of the program or fell out of my healthy eating pattern, I felt confident picking myself back up and trying again without feeling bad about it.

- Emma K, NSW

Welcome to YOU in 12 weeks' time

Meet Yourself

• You are cooking delicious wholefood meals – and despite your busy schedule (because some things never change), you realise it really is no big deal to whip up these dishes after work, thanks to your life changing menu plans. Don’t take my word for it, ask the community.

• You don’t sweat the small stuff as much. Life is still hectic, sure, but you’re not getting caught up in it. You don’t quite know exactly why this is, but you’re enjoying your happier headspace – and so are your family.

• And, let’s just come out and say it. You look smokin’ HOT. Your jeans now do up without any gymnastic tugging. Your skin looks like someone has snuck collagen into your morning coffee (though you’re not having much of that morning fix anymore!). And your hair is so shiny that you’re quietly surprised you haven’t been spotted on the street by a hair modelling agent. Their loss.

• That energy you thought was securely filed under ‘childhood years’? Woah, it is back baby – and it feels freaking awesome.

• And so, the Shiny Healthy You cycle continues ever upwards and onwards, steadily progressing through the inevitable ups and downs that life brings – and all thanks to the ongoing sisterhood that you are now a glorious part of.

I have really enjoyed the last twelve weeks as a Shiny Sister. I joined to find out real information about my health... And I found that with Jules. Her honest and frank, no pressure approach about changing the way you view food was refreshing, funny, gentle and spoken in an easy to grasp way.

Jules was always available via her Facebook group and willing to answer questions, give support and be there as a friend (with a gorgeous smile). I would recommend this course to anyone.... I feel fabulous!! I am no longer tired and grumpy, migraine free and finally feel I am becoming in control of my body and the way I view it.

- Marni M, QLD

Thank you so much for the last 12 weeks! A few things have really stood out and stayed with me. I need to keep up my yoga every day because it makes me smile and I can almost hear my body singing when I do it! Your meditation video was another one that I found really helpful. Plus so much other good stuff!!

Thank you again for everything, I'm so pleased to have been part of it and I feel like this is just the beginning.

- Erica S, QLD

What I give to you

1. The bird’s eye view: 12 awesome modules, each with 3 videos per week

• Carefully packed into a super easy-to-digest format.

• Move through one module per week, or just binge-watch your way through it all - it's up to you.

• Receive weekly emails with simple reminders and action steps, plus ‘all-mapped-out-for-you’ worksheets to keep you on track. P.S. There will be plenty of "a-ha" moments in store.


2. Your personal meal planner: We’re talking 8-weeks of super easy meal plans

• You asked...I've delivered. These ‘all-done-and-dusted-for-you’ meal plans and shopping lists have just made your life a whole lot easier. And remember, this is bloke-friendly territory, to convert your unsuspecting husband into the biggest fan ever.


3. Cooking classes on tap for you (well, screen really): Ditch the recipe book and watch the video instead.

• Easy is the theme behind these cooking tutorial videos, otherwise you’ll never watch them right? Nope, nor would most people. Who has time for complex stuff?


4. Bank those recipes! Access a recipe bank with over 100 paleo and wholefood options

• This is seriously simple, healthy and fast food that we’re talking about. (Every recipe had to jump through those exact three hoops before breaking into this bank.)

• All of the meals are gluten, dairy and cane sugar free.

• 80% or more of the meals are paleo friendly.

• 100% of the meals are created for minimum fuss and maximum flavour.

• 80% or more of the meals are paleo friendly.

• 100% of the meals are created for minimum fuss and maximum flavour.


5. Meet people who ‘get’ the real you. A private Facebook group set up for members only

• Tap into the support and motivation you need – from a down-to-earth, friendly community of like-minded women.

• Celebrate small wins together. Yay.

• I will be hanging out in there too, and I really can’t wait to meet you and answer your questions.


6. Extra, extra, read all about it! Extra resources are bursting at the (erm…unstretched) seams

• Receive loads of bonus PDFs and go-to lists to help make your transition into healthy eating as streamlined, and simple as possible. Blood pressure. Down. And breathe…

What you give back to yourself

Learn to cook healthy, gluten, dairy and sugar free meals.

Discover simple techniques to relax and calm that overactive mind of yours (speaking from experience here…)

Move your body in new ways, incorporate yoga and strength training into your week.

Reduce your exposure to toxins – in food, skincare products and around the home.

Be supported every.single.step.of.the.way.

Be part of a like-minded community of women who all have a common goal – to balance their lives, health, hearts and minds.

Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Jules Galloway - a qualified naturopath, passionate speaker, writer and podcaster. I'm also a massive foodie.

It's my mission to help tired women (like you!) to find their shine again.

I've also come back from adrenal fatigue, so I know what it's like to feel this way. E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D. Anxious. Hormonal. Cooking convenience foods (or not cooking at all). I felt like my life was supposed to be better than this.

I want to share with you the process I used to recover - in both mind and body.

If you're ready to make lasting changes that stick - I'm your go-to girl!

Now, let's talk about your other half...

I get it. Blokes are often skeptics and they just don't see the justification in doing something like this. They don't want to change their habits, and they’re scared they're going to have to eat boring food or drink green smoothies.

If this wasn't reasonably priced, and if it didn't contain yummy meat and veg dishes (or a blokey vegetarian alternative), then it just.wouldn't.work. for either of you. Causing marital discord is definitely not on my to-do list. So, it’s lucky that this course will convert even your husband into a believer of this whole healthy eating thing.

Quick Breakfasts

Delicious Lunches

Nourishing Dinners

Snacks and Desserts

Are you ready to join? Let's do this!

Get 12 awesome weeks for just $149

What to expect after you purchase the program

Once you purchase the program you will receive a confirmation email from me within the hour.

Then your first module will arrive in your inbox the very next day.

(…I blame my Type A personality for this punctual obsession.)

You'll get:

One module per week for 12 weeks

Access to the private Facebook page

Access to the SHY Membership site


Be guided by experts who get you and know their stuff

Dr Rachel Wyndham

Integrative GP and Naturopath.

Having experienced burnout herself, Dr. Rach will teach you how to listen to your body, heed the warning signs and start to take control of your health again.

The Merrymaker Sisters

Health and happiness bloggers | Paleo recipe developers

Emma and Carla will take you through their journey to healthy eating, and will show you some eye-opening, easy ways to get started.

Samantha Gowing

Renowned Spa Chef and Nutritionist.

Forget paleo perfection. Learn how to integrate a healthy diet into the real world with Sam's no-nonsense approach.

Lisa Corduff

Creator of Small Steps to Wholefoods

Learning to cook from scratch? Lisa will show you the way with simple tips if you're just starting out.

Robyn Law

Qualified Raw Food Chef

Robyn will show you how to supercharge your nutrient levels with delicious raw foods.

Adele McConnell

Aka Vegie Head

Discover the natural way to beautiful skin and a healthy glow, with this straight-talking superstar.

Sharon Hall

My Chemical Free Romance

Confused about chemicals in your home and skincare products? Sharon will guide you though the maze of ingredients and help you to cut out the nasties.

Hayley Carr

Fear Busting Life Coach

Meet your motivation maven. Hayley will show you how to bust through fear and live a life without limits. She'll also throw in a good dose of meditation.

Bronnie Ware

International best selling author of The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying.

Let Bronnie guide you to happiness with her gentle and empathetic style.

Susanne Grace

Amazing Medical Intuitive and Creator of the Grace Method

Learn to cope with stress in a new way with Susanne's down to earth, caring approach.

Mandy Gibbons

Kind-but-firm Personal Trainer and Fat Loss Coach.

Wherever you're at with your fitness, Mandy will motivate you to gently take it up a notch.

Chara Caruthers

Eye-Opening, Spirit-Lifting Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist

Begin to move your body with Chara's peaceful, flowing style.

Peta Serras

Awesome Pilates Instructor

Stretch, tone and strengthen your body with Peta.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of diet is this? 

This is an 80/20 paleo program. Although many of the recipes in this program are paleo, we are not 100% strict. About 20% of the meals include non-paleo (but healthy) ingredients like rice, corn and legumes.

It is however, a 100% wholefood diet, and all recipes are gluten, dairy and cane sugar free.

Think of it as a real food program with loads of exciting, healthy options.

What about coffee and alcohol?

Although you will be encouraged to cut down, you're still allowed to have both of these during the program, as long as your drinks are gluten, dairy and cane sugar free. Some women use these 12 weeks as an opportunity to give up coffee and alcohol altogether, and if you choose to follow suit, you'll find all the support you need.

What if I fall behind, or start late?

No worries. You will continue to have lifetime access to the program for as long as it exists, giving you heaps of time to catch up, or work at your own pace.

I'm vegetarian. Does this program cater for me?

About 50% of the recipes are vegetarian-friendly, and many of the meat-containing recipes can be easily converted, so yes, there are plenty of options.

Do I need to be a technical/computer whizz to do this program? 

No way! As long as you can use email, Facebook, and view videos on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, I'm confident you can get through this with flying colours. And tech help is only ever an email away.

Do I need to activate my almonds? 

Pfft! Not if you don't want to! (Who's got time for THAT?)

Graduated SHYers tell their stories

It's been an awesome program. I finally feel like I can make a change without being totally overwhelmed. Thank you so much Jules x

- Michelle M, VIC

Thank you so much for the wonderful world of healthy eating that you've introduced me to!

After being recommended to your program by my good friend, I had really high hopes because I know if she thinks it's great, it's awesome.

I was a little apprehensive about how complicated or sustainable any changes would be, but you have totally amazed me with your simple approach. The topics we've covered and how much I've learnt in 12 weeks has changed my relationship with food forever - having never been a person who really valued or appreciated food, this is big.

In addition, your personal response to any question that I raised made me feel a supported and valued member of the SHY Sisterhood. My path to a Shinier, Healthier version of Me is emerging and I'm very grateful that you have helped me clear the way ahead.

You're the Best Jules xx

- Fiona S, NSW

I've loved every minute of it. Informative, fun and user friendly. xxx

- Anne S, QLD

Thanks for the most awesome amazing superb fantastic engaging interesting fun intelligent enlightening enlivening awesome 12 weeks. I can say it has changed my life and will continue to, it's not a diet it's a lifestyle and whatever magic you use IT WORKED! I love whole foods and I love cooking ... Amazing!!!

- Nicole G, NSW

Some feedback for you. My little ones saw your Facebook post today and Lucy (aged 2) says "I know that lady she's on all those videos mum". My seven year old Sam said "yes you do she is the last that helped mum feel better when she was so sick."

Thanks for all your hard work it's really appreciated

- Bec D, NSW

"I was surprised to see myself lose some weight during my program, total of 2 kilos and cms off my waist, hips and even my face appeared not so puffy, which was such an exciting result. Before I started my program I was overweight, sluggish feeling, bloated and felt that at this age it was time to really take my eating patterns and body more seriously.

Struggling with PCOS since the age of 13, I've been battling the weight for a number of years, with it going up and down. Jules is such a beautiful soul and has not made me feel one bit uncomfortable. Her onging support, follow-ups and willingness to give any and as much information as possible just shows her dedication to her work, knowledge and skills.

Thankyou Jules for everything and for showing me that 'honest' results can be made with food and cooking. You have given me a real insight to what I eat and how it affects my PCOS. I feel happier, I've lost weight and it's thanks to Jules Galloway's program :)"

- Larna G, NSW

Are you ready to discover a shinier, healthier YOU?

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