Isabel Dennis on Taking a Grab of her Eczema

control eczema

Isabel Dennis is an Inward Training Manager for Spa Ren skincare. Having suffered from eczema from an age that is early and trying prescribed creams, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Here she describes how she went from dreading birthday presents to discovering and then working for the brand that changed her skincare outlook.

Skincare I add for me was never fun or sensorial – or effective may. From a very age that is early, it was visibly obvious I had dreaded eczema. It plagued my body, making me insecure and very introverted.

The GP recommended as an attempt to ease my discomfort and make feel less self-conscious from the age of about four years old my mother would try anything. Unfortunately, this translated to slathering me in a thick barrier that is petroleum-based or worse –  steroids. These awful pots of wax smelt of nothing attracted dirt and stained a complete lot of cute outfits. Plus, the product just did not help my skin whatsoever!

By the time I got to secondary school my eczema had calmed down a little which was great, however, I was plagued by scarring and rough and skin that is reactive. I feared reactions always and I was super-apprehensive to try anything new.

On birthdays and Christmas friends would forget about my excessive skin that is sensitive would gift me the cutest bubble baths, bath bombs, and scented lotions. Unfortunately, these were products I could not and would not use! I didn’t want to seem ungrateful so I would accept these beautiful and gifts that are useless.

By the time I completed my A-levels I decided to take control and added a science that is cosmetic to my beauty degree. I needed to teach myself about skincare without the influence of extraordinary promoting. I was taught by the module so much about ingredients and their impact on the skin, and it also taught me what to avoid. I soon became obsessed with researching products, and a complete lot more confident in my skincare decisions.

On my 25th birthday, my friend bought me this gift, wrapped up beautifully with the most card that is special, unfortunately, I didn’t read the whole thing because I was too eager to rip open the present! Inside was Ren’s Evercalm Cleansing Milk and Global Protection Cream day. Before I got a chance to say a word she said ‘I know you are picky; I researched and found this brand which smells amazing and is supposed to be very effective!’. Of course, I immediately said ‘thank you’, but at that right time, I had never heard of the brand and was wary of yet another present I may not be able to use.

I knew when I got home I would research and really make sure that this range that is simple-looking up to its epic introduction! And thankfully it did. Safe to state seven years on I’m still enamored with Evercalm items.

They work, have no skin-unfriendly ingredients and feel and smell– that is amazing benefits I had never experienced in one skincare range! Having such sensitive skin previously meant thick, gloopy, sticky, greasy waxy products that made me shiny like a penny that is new. So to go from those to recipes that retained effectively and quieted my delicate skin was a valid, supreme extravagance.

Feeling so much better in my skin even gave me the confidence to approach Ren to work with their products, giving me a dream job as well.

Being able to take control and know what ingredients I needed to avoid gave me the knowledge to confidently give skincare that is new a go. And I’ve never looked back!


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