Top 7 Nail Trends we are predicting for 2019

7 Nail Trends

Searching to take your nail art game to the next level for 2019? Well, search no further than this little round up regarding the latest nail trends. We’ve scrolled, scrolled, scrolled through the Instagram accounts of most our favorite nail artists and found some really exciting, fresh new nail art designs to try. From abstract art to tortoiseshell print, your nails will be anything but boring — and it is always good to remain on the cutting edge, no?

Pearl Embellishments

Make contact with your feminine side, and deck out your digits in pearl embellishments. You can stray away from the normal diamond-inspired bling and opt for this more option that is subtle. Bonus: They’ll pair excellently with the pearl barrettes we’ve been seeing everywhere recently.

Abstract Art

There doesn’t invariably have to be any kind of specific theme to your nail art. Sometimes it’s fun to just choose a few of your favorite tones and get wild creating various different shapes, lines, and dots to create some designs that are seriously unique.

The Sideways French Mani

Needless to say, you could head into your nail salon and get for an old-fashioned French manicure, but where’s the fun for the reason that? Whether you’re utilizing your favorite color polish or adding some glittery touches as shown here, you’ll create a unique twist on the style that is tried-and-true.

Minimalist Faces

We have seen these quickly sketched, minimalistic on wall surface prints, tees, and more, therefore why not incorporate them into our nail art? Plus, you would be amazed – aided by the right tools, this appears is actually pretty easy to DIY at home.

Sheer Base Coats

Normally, an opaque base coat is laid down before any other designs are popped over the top, but we have seen more and more nail performers on Instagram using sheer colors since the base coat – even deeper tones like navy blues and black. It is  a subtle means to buck tradition and we love how it appears

Tortoiseshell Finger Nails

Cheetah and zebra print have actually been overtaking the beauty and fashion globe, but tortoiseshell is sneaking its way onto the scene — especially with regards to nails. The design that is two-color not out-of-this-world difficult to attain, but the outcomes appear to be a million bucks

Almond Shaped

Whenever it comes to nail forms, long coffin fingernails were huge in 2018 (  thanks, Kylie Jenner), but to start this 12 months down, we’re seeing a  more natural, almond shape all over the web. The nails are shaped with a curved top, nearly mimicking the form of the almonds that we all love snacking on.


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