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Build Six-Pack with Bruce Lee Abs Workout

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Bruce Lee’s six-pack abs are among the greatest prominent features in his physique. The Bruce Lee abs workout is one of the best “old-school” workout methods and was designed in order to get the very best core advancement that he could acquire to supplement his martial arts workout routine and physical fitness training. Bruce Lee weight training is super efficient as this is how he built his iconic six-pack.

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Having a strong core was basic for Lee’s success in martial arts and strength training. The visually attractive, rock-hard 6 pack abs were only an added benefit. His v taper abs made him a great athlete and a movie star. Bruce Lee became known worldwide.

His waist was with perfectly layered abdominals along with extremely defined serratus and intercostal muscles. Lee was justifiably proud of his core development, for it represented almost a lifetime of sacrifice and denial at the dinner table and remarkable dedication in the gym. His abs were not built overnight. It was a product of long-term work in martial arts and weight training.

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How to Get Bruce Lee’s Six Pack Abs

Bruce put a terrific emphasis on working on his core muscles since he thought that the body is “the best target and the least mobile.” In theory, he thought the more muscles you develop around your stomach and abdominal location, the more effective you are at taking more blows. In addition, Lee likewise developed his wide lats to be rather of a shield for his back. He also paid attention to the development of his back muscles to train his upper body symmetrically.  That is how his v taper abs were formed.

Bruce Lee formulated his own abs workout methods after studying books and bodybuilding guides to discover the best exercises he could learn for developing a strong core. He chose 5 abs exercises that he discovered to be the very best for abs development, density building, and overall conditioning of the core muscles. 

Bruce Lee’s abs workout is fundamental, including only the most basic abs exercises that definitely work. It was Bruce’s persistence and unhuman-like effort that made his abs workout different. He was never a quitter and always kept becoming a better, more athletic version of himself.


It was Bruce Lee’s repeating count that made his abs routine not for the faint of heart. Bruce Lee did hundreds, and many times, countless repetitions of ab exercises for many sets of each abs workout. Likewise, written in his daily workout regimen is that Bruce Lee exercised for 7 days straight while performing ab exercises every day.

Along with Bruce Lee’s full-body workout, he accomplished a body that some people can only dream to have. A thin waist that indicated his well-defined abs, aesthetic V-taper upper body, and together with his developed lats, chest, and shredded shoulders.

Bruce Lee Exercises for Abs 

Bruce Lee did these 5 fundamental abs exercises to construct his core and to establish his 6 pack abs. The number of days he trained his abs are not precisely understood, just because he would train his abdominal muscles and core on any given day.

Bruce Lee’s everyday abs workout included:

  • Waist twists: 4 sets of 90 reps.
  • Sit-up twists: 4 sets of 20 reps.
  • Leg raises 4 sets of 20 reps.
  • Leaning twists: 4 sets of 50 reps.
  • Frog kicks: 4 sets of 50 reps.

Training Devices for the Bruce Lee Abs Workout

The training device that Bruce Lee used for his ab workouts is basic workout equipment that can be found in any fitness center or outside the gym. Bruce would typically train in his home, often in front of the TV.

  1. Pull-up bar for carrying out leg raises and frog kicks.
  2. Flat bench for performing leg raises.
  3. Lightbar for doing abs twists.
  4. Dumbbells for performing side bends.

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Bruce Lee Abs Workout: One of the Best Workout Methods to Develop a Steel-Cut Six Pack

1. Sit Up & Advanced Sit-up

One of the most typical ab exercises that exist. Bruce Lee performed his own version of the sit up, which targeted his upper abdominal and intercostal muscles.

To perform Bruce Lee’s version of the sit up, you will need an abdominal board or a slated board. As soon as you’re on the board and securely protected, somewhat flex your knees and move your upper body upward until you touch your chest against your knees. Hold the contraction for a few seconds and lower your upper body back to the beginning position.


A more advanced variation of this exercise is putting both hands behind your head and when you move upwards with your torso, touch one elbow with the opposite knee and repeat for each side. According to Bruce Lee, including variations to the setup like twisting will enhance the effectiveness of this exercise.

2. Leg Raises & Advanced Leg Raises

Leg raises are the Godfather of ab exercises for establishing the lower abdominals. You might require a flat bench to perform this exercise or find something that’s tough that will support your body weight.

While lying flat on the bench, firmly grasp the underside or back bottom part of the bench, raise the legs about 18 inches pass parallel and slowly lower your legs pull back.


A sophisticated version of the leg raises exercise that Bruce Lee carried out was on a chin-up bar, where he would hang onto the chin-up bar and lift his aligned legs up to a 90 degrees angle and back down.

3. The Twist

Bruce Lee performed the twist exercise in order to build his oblique muscles and to which also developed his strong, lean waist.

To perform this exercise, you will require a long stick or light bar to put behind your neck. Stand up in a straight position and position the bar behind your neck with both hands securely grasping each side of the bar. Bend your upper body down as far as you can and touch the right end of the bar to your left foot and reverse with the left side of the bar and best foot. Repeat this exercise up until exhaustion. The number of repetitions that Bruce Lee determined that was effective for this workout was 50.

4. Frog Kicks

The main objective of the frog kick exercise is to stretch and tighten the lower abdominals. Likewise an excellent exercise for establishing the hardest area of a 6 pack abs. To perform this exercise, hang on a pull-up bar and while your knees are bent, raise your legs up versus your chest and pull back.

5. Side Bends

Side Bends mostly target the oblique muscles and strengthens the sides of the abdominals. Bruce Lee’s philosophy on working his core and abdominals is to deal with every location and section of that abdominal muscle group much like he would for any other muscle group. Side bends are crucial in the Bruce Lee ab workout to completely exhaust the obliques and entirely establish the external side portion of the abdominal muscle.

To perform this exercise, you will require a dumbbell to hold on either side of your body when doing this exercise. With your feet firmly planted on the floor, stand in a straight position, and grab one dumbbell in one hand. Bend your upper body towards the side that you are holding the dumbbell and feel a tight contraction on the side of your abdominals. Gradually return to the beginning position with the dumbbell slowly coming up. Repeat this step for 5 to 20 repeatings on each side for 4 sets.

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Bruce Lee Abs Workout Tips and Guidelines

Rule # 1.

Bruce Lee believed in working fast however keeping a consistent mindset. When carrying out ab exercises, go at a fast speed but also concentrate. Concentrate on the contraction of the abdominals on each repetition.

Rule # 2.

When you’re feeling tired and your abdominals feel overworked, go for half repetitions or much shorter series of movement repetitions for total stress outset. This is what causes well-defined abdominals and higher six-pack development.

Rule # 3.

Bruce Lee constantly ended each ab workout by performing an isometric contraction exercise. A static contraction exercise includes contracting the muscle being worked with no motion. Likewise referred to as optimal strength training, this form of exercise promotes muscle development and is extreme as it sounds.

Rule # 4.

The optimum way to construct a six-pack and strong core is to not strain the abdominal muscle. A sufficient quantity of rest and a healthy diet is required for your abdominals to develop.

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Bruce Lee Diet

Bruce Lee’s diet plan generally included healthy Chinese food, protein shake juicing, and vitamin supplements nutrition. According to his partner Linda Lee Cadwell, Lee started to take his diet plan and nutrition seriously after he transferred to the United States. Bruce Lee’s body depended more on what he didn’t have (body fat) and less on what he did (muscles). It was key to his martial arts proficiency and he refused to sustain his body with unhealthy food.

Bruce Lee chose Chinese or other Asian dishes due to the wide range of Asian cuisines. Bruce Lee’s preferred Chinese food dish was beef in oyster sauce. He also ate shrimp or chicken with vegetables and tofu. For Bruce Lee, the bigger quantities of rice, noodles, and vegetables frequently utilized in Chinese food are filled with more high-energy carbohydrates than western food parts that favor more fat and protein. Although his diet plan mainly consisted of Chinese food, he was also fond of steak and, for a time, consumed liver as soon as a week. Bruce even went to McDonald’s every now and then.

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