Severe Lower Back Pain When Walking or Standing

Severe Lower Back Pain When Walking or Standing: Causes and Treatment

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Lower Back Pains

Back pains, especially of the lower back, is a very common problem. Unfortunately, it affects not only old people but also the young ones. It is one that affects people of all age groups. Back pain is an issue that is too often ignored. Therefore, it is mandatory to talk about and assess it.


Injury: When picking up heavy objects, boxes, or weights at the gym, the back muscles can be negatively affected. This can strain the said muscles and ligaments. This can later progress into severe lower back pains when walking or simply standing.

Osteoporosis: This is a health problem where the bones are weakened. Across the years, this can lead to bones breaking. Therefore, this can also impact the bones of your spine, making them fragile.

Arthritis: This is when your joints become inflamed due to swelling. When this occurs in the region of your spine, it can consequently narrow the area around the spinal cord, causing pain. A specific name for this is Spinal Stenosis.

Deformity: Some people are, unfortunately, born with a deformed spine. This, in turn, will lead to severe lower back pain when walking and standing.

Degenerative Disc Disease: We are all born with our intervertebral discs full of water. This is completely normal. However, throughout the years, those discs can dehydrate and, thus, tired out. When movements are made, this causes wear and tear of that region and consequently leading to pain.

Discs Standing Out: The said disc can then hit some nerves, pressing onto them and hence, leading to lower back pain.

Posture: Since we were young, we were always taught to sit properly with our back straight. This was not taught for no reason. A bad posture is common for many people. This is seen when people sit in front of their computers or simply bent over in class. Back problems are the negative consequences of this.

Coughing/Sneezing: Sometimes, intense coughing and sneezing can cause back pains. However, normally the pain subsides after a few days.

Cancer Of The Spinal Cord: It is quite rare. Its major symptom is a pain in your back muscles. The person has to deal with a severe

Sciatica: This deals with a certain back pain that is connected to the sciatica nerve. When pressure is applied to this specific nerve, intense pain is felt.

Kidney Infections: One of the symptoms of kidney infection is back pain.

Infections Of Spinal Cord: Here, the patient has to deal with severe lower back pain when both standing and walking, along with muscle spasms.

back hurts when standing up


The treatment for lower back pains depends, generally and naturally, on the cause of the pain. For example, if the source of the pain is due to simple reasons such as bad posture, then this can be easily remedied. The person only has to learn to sit properly. This may, however, take some time, but it is possible. This is, in fact, very important, as a bad posture can lead to more serious back problems as the age increases. The spine may become more curved due to the bad position. This can lead to the person always standing and walking in a bent position, which is honestly not attractive and healthy.

If the problem is, on the other hand, due to an injury or bad movement then it definitely depends on the seriousness of the situation. There are cases where it will heal in a few days. However, if the problem persists, then there may be a bigger problem. You must consult the doctor.

The other graver causes such as cancer of the spinal cord or infection of the kidney must be dealt with differently. If you have not had any serious injuries, then it is wiser to visit the doctor to find out the reason for such pains. A lack to do so can have fatal consequences. You may have to undergo surgery. Some examples are:

– A spinal laminectomy helps to alleviate the pressure that is laid on the nerves and spinal cord.

– A discectomy is done when you have a specific disc that is standing out. The doctor will remove a piece of the lamina (this is a piece of bine of the spinal canal). This will turn to diminish or stop the pain.

There are so many other surgeries that target different types of causes of back pain. However, the treatment of all those problems doesn’t need to be dealt through with the surgery. Other treatments exist, for example, by taking medications such as muscle relaxants or steroids. Others include physical therapy such as massage, simple stretching exercises, and so on.


Problems related to back pain arises due to the back muscles not being healthy or strong enough. Sports can be the key. Some simple stretching exercises can help. I would also like to emphasize once more on the need to maintain a correct posture. Moreover, you should avoid lifting items that are too heavy for you. It is important to know that when lifting weights, this must not be done with the help of your back, but with that of the legs. Using your back can cause the injuries mentioned above.

lower back pain hurts to walk

Ways To Eliminate Lower Back Pain Through Sports

Sports are always seen in a positive light. It helps in making us healthy. In this case, the same thing applies to back pains. Sports are important to keep your muscles healthy and strong. Older people, who are constantly the main targets of back pain, can practice small stretching exercises. Other people who can do more can train with weights. Here are some exercises that you can do at the gym to alleviate yourself from any future back pains.

– Resistance band pull apart

– Lateral Pulldown

– Wide Dumbbell Row

– Hyperextension

– Single-arm dumbbell row

– Superman

– Woodchop

– Reverse Fly

All those aims in strengthening your back muscles. Those, however, require the use of gym props.

Below are some basic exercises that you can do at home:

– Plank

– Squats

– Aquaman

– Superman

– Kneeling Extension

– Cobra Pose

lower back pain

Lower Back Pain While Standing

People, when standing, experience back pains. This can be due to the numerous problems cited above. It is important to correct your posture when also standing. Your shoulders must be pushed backward, and the back must be straight with your chest sticking outward. Overly doing it can be awkward, hence due so in such a way where it will benefit your posture. Do not stand in a slouched position.

Back Hurting When Standing Up

When a person stands up, not only the leg muscles are at play. Standing up involves various muscles such as the legs, back, and lower back functioning. Therefore, it is important to stand up properly, especially if you are seated on the floor. Sudden standing up can sometimes cause small pains, hence be cautious.

Lower back pains are a problem that is growing day by day. It should be highlighted that more young people are becoming victims of this. Our backs are important. These are what keeps us standing. Therefore, we must take proper care of it.

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