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This is one of the very special upper body cardio workouts is dedicated to all of the people over 50 who’ve approached me over the past few months with a very genuine issue, and possibly you’ve recently discovered this dilemma too.

This post is for you if you’ve been working truly tough towards your “Get Back To Fit” goals or your weight loss objectives (which naturally includes fitness). However, while your brain wishes to desperately remain on track, your lower body doesn’t wish to work together.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been hearing a lot of stories from people, especially females, who’ve finally got on track with their walking, with their weight training, with their specific exercise plan just to have an arthritic flare-up, an ankle or a hip flare, or a knee injury that has triggered a major set back. These health issues don’t give them a chance to do any full-body cardio workouts. Also, those who pursue upper body weight loss also wonder how to lose upper body fat without engaging their lower body.

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Usually, physicians advise time off from lower body workouts, however, they give the go-ahead to utilize the upper body instead.

If this sounds and seems like you too and you wonder how to lose upper body weight and keep your body fit and healthy, then this is your solution. You CAN get an incredible workout without utilizing the lower half. You can get your heart beating, lose upper body fat, develop muscle strength and endurance, and continue to remain on track all by concentrating on the upper body rather.

So get some light weights (little dumbbells would work) and bring up a chair, because this upper body workout will make you feel inspired to stay fit, even when the lower body doesn’t even wish to help and cooperate!

elder people workout

The upper body cardio workout has a quick and efficient boxing theme. While the twisting and crunching tone the tummy, the weights reinforce the body and increase stamina! This is what makes it an excellent cardio core workout.

Let’s Begin the Upper Body Cardio Workout!

Upper Body Fat Burning Workout

If you’re searching for something to get the blood flowing, try this extensive list of cardio exercises. Cardio is a terrific way to get your body moving and help promote physical and psychological health. Selecting low-impact exercises that can be infiltrated your day-to-day life is the very best method to develop your own custom regimen.

1. The Cross: This boxing movement raises the heart rate while toning your sides (the obliques) and strengthening the arms.

2. Alternating overhead press: When the arms punch overhead, the heart rate increases. This seated cardio move likewise lubricates the shoulder joint and increases the series of movements.

3. Punching bag: Feel the burn in your arms and shoulders as you do this cardio move. The faster you go, the more difficult it’ll be. Go at your own pace.

4. Uppercut: This cardio move contracts the abs and tightens up the abdominal however it’s far more efficient as it safeguards the spine.

5. Arm Circles: Another excellent cardio move that tones the arms too. This version has a slight bend in the elbow to offer additional protection to the joints.

6. Row with weight: The back is among the greatest muscle groups in the upper body. The more muscle you use, the better the calorie burn. Grab the heavier weights (when it feels hard at the 10th rep of 12 repetitions) in order to increase strength and firm up the muscles.

7. Protection/blocking with Twist: This tummy toning twist exercise focuses particularly on your sides (your obliques) these muscles create a tighter waist but they likewise assist support the back and may reduce back pain.

8. Bicep Curls: The one arm bicep curl firms up the arm more than any two-handed bicep curl could do. Why? Since you can use the other hand to help you push past muscle failure which is when the muscle develops a new level of firmness and increases in strength and stamina.

9. Seated Oblique Crunches: Not just does this exercise tone the core, however, it enhances the back too. By pulling your elbows back as you crunch to the side, the upper back muscles agreement causing supreme muscle activation.

10. Overhead Triceps extensions: This exercise firms up among the most popular locations to exercise, the back of the arms. Utilize a weight you can control for all 12 repetitions in order to stay safe!

Benefits of Upper Body Cardio Workouts

Cardio is an extremely healthy way to get your weekly exercise, however, how precisely does your body gain from it? Here are a few significant aspects of cardio that can help your body stay healthy:

Improves Heart Health

One of the crucial aspects of cardio exercise is that it increases the heart rate considerably. Your heart is mainly made of muscle and deals with the very same guidelines that other muscles abide by. The more you put it to work, the more powerful it gets. Cardio is a terrific way to keep the heart muscles strong, decreasing the beats per minute required to keep your body provided with oxygen.

Assists With Losing Weight

Naturally, this is the exercise we’re talking about here, so it’s bound to have some weight loss to it! Cardio is the absolute finest way to burn the fat and its extreme regimes and full-body focus make it a great way to trim off the extra pounds as you go.

Stress Relief

Exercise in general helps the body produce endorphins, the feel-good chemical that raises your state of mind and minimizes your stress levels. This goes double if you took up boxing or a martial art as cardio exercise; absolutely nothing eases the stress much better than a few rounds with the punching bag!


Remaining active can keep you feeling and looking your finest: at every stage of your life! An active way of life is particularly essential for senior health since regular exercise can help prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and specific types of cancer, and it can likewise decrease discomfort connected with arthritis. By improving balance, flexibility, endurance, and strength, older adults can remain healthier longer. The National Institute on Aging is a great resource for finding out more about the exercise benefits for elders. Just remember to contact your physician before beginning a new exercise program.

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